Long Street

I’m a flying Dutchman

Stranded in this city

I’m an ugly ghost

Lost in a place

Where everybody

Seems to be pretty


Where the surfers

Dream of waves

That will take them

Far away

To an island

Of fools

Where everybody’s cool


And my insecurity

Keeps me talking

And my restlesness

Keeps me walking

Here in Long street


And the sailors drink rum

Till the moon hits the sun

And I drink with the bums

That sleep on the stairs

Of the High Court of Justice

Where nobody cares

Cause the law is for those

Who can pay the lawyers

That will defend any filthy case


And I will  fall in love

With a girl called Minnie

She’s coloured

Like a rainbow

And she knows how to

Thrill me


And she reads my mind

She knows my story

And she keeps me on my feet

In my drunken moments

Of glory


Here in Longstreet

Long street

I belong in

Long street


I belong in long street

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Demo's deel 06, 2013 (Album)