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A rare treat from Stef Bos

dinsdag 07 maart 2000, Pretoria News, Diana de Beer

It helps if you understand Dutch, but if you weren't at this concert (one of two this past weekend), you missed a happening. Bos is one of those artists who makes contact with his audience in the most intimate way. And the response he received was as he was playing in front of his home crowd.

The emphasis was on a chatty concert with the performer sharing his mind and his music - but not everyone can pull off that kind of informal, off-the-cuff rapport.
Bos and his longtime guitarist are totally atturned to one another and with music and lyrics that open the soul, the audience were given a rare treat.
He explained that he hadn't given such an intimate tour for a long, long time and this gave him a chance to talk about his music - unrehearsed. Before playing a song he would first chat about the inspiration, the way it was written and how it could be interpreted.
And with Dutch and Afrikaans being simular yet not quite the same, a few hilarious moments cropped up unexpectedly. This was like visiting with a group of friends.
It did not represent their Oudtshoorn concerts, however, when the band will be larger, the music bigger and these relaxed sessions less common.
This is what made it so special. Yes, the music is something else with Stef in front of the piano, sometimes with guitar, and with the brilliant help of Francis, presenting for many ardent fans a familiar repertoire.
His lyrics are extraordinary, his interpretations wondrously intense and as the consumerate performer, he stays with his audience from the beginning to the end.
For his encores, he again had everyone excited when he teamed with a woman for the first time, old friend Amanda Strydom. It was a beautiful moment.
A clever move would be to combine Bos and Johannes Kerkorrel for future concerts - and perhaps to bring Strydom and other local artists he has worked with on board.
Hopefully he will become a regular performer in Pretoria as he and his musical partner said after the show that this was one of their best performances ever.

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